It’s been a busy old month at Sunday Assembly Leeds!

Hiking Group: On Saturday 10th September, an intrepid band conquered Ingleborough – one of the three highest Yorkshire peaks. Glenn, Rob, Ally, and I made the 12 mile trip around the peak from Clapham, finishing up with a lovely drink in the late-summer sunshine. For those hikers who are interested, we’ll have a couple more walks before the end of the year, so keep an eye out for future events!


The march up Trow Gill

Pub Quiz: Next up was a pub quiz, which I hosted on 15th September, at Veritas in Leeds City Centre. Questions involve the three Leopolds of Belgium, French land borders, numerical novels, and the 1920s. The regulars were all there and, true to form, Jane was victorious (by quite a margin!). Since our rule is that the winner writes the next quiz, and Jane win’s almost all the time, it was ruled that Glenn (who came in a commendable second place) should be October’s quizmaster. That event is already scheduled so we hope to see you there!

Sunday Assembly: To round off the month there was the regular Assembly, held at the New Headingley Club on Sunday 25th September. Laurence stepped into the hosting shoes this month to talk about “sharing”. The songs were eclectic (as usual!):

Unfortunately, our speaker was unable to make the event but we were more than stimulated by a short set of TED talks based on sharing:

These were complemented brilliantly by some personal perspectives from Sunday Assembly Leeds members. First, Dave talked about his voluntary work in the Crossgates area of Leeds. These activities include language classes, community cafes, and choirs. It was great to hear how busy he is helping to make his community a happier and healthier place to live! Second was Kathryn, who works in a challenging role with liver surgery patients who suffer from alcoholism. Kathryn gave a passionate talk about the need to empathise with – not blame – victims of alcoholism. Abuse of alcohol is very rarely a choice, but a response to sometimes tragic personal circumstances. Kathryn talked about the value of sharing stories with people whose circumstances differ from our own. Through those stories, we can better understand and help people.

Coming up over the next month we have the usual set of great events:

  • Sunday Lunch (Sunday 9th October) – replacing the usual brunch social, we’ll be having Sunday lunch out somewhere in either Bradford or Leeds city centres. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Meetup pages for details!
  • Pub Quiz (Tuesday 11th October) – this will be hosted by Glenn at Veritas in Leeds. remember to RSVP on Meetup or Facebook if you are coming!
  • Assembly (Sunday 30th October) – the theme for October’s Assembly will be Money! I’ll be hosting, and we’ll have a great selection of songs (I can’t believe that we haven’t done Gold by Spandau Ballet, yet!) and cake. Remember to RSVP on Meetup or Facebook.

We hope to see you at future events, and don’t forget to join our groups on Facebook and Meetup, and like our Facebook page for more updates!