Sunday Assembly Leeds is run by a motley assortment of volunteers who contribute as and when they like to the chaos of organising events. If you’re interested in being involved (and, let’s face it, you could probably do a better job!) then please do come along or get in touch!.


Chris (with the beard) – Chris is often to be seen wandering around the Assembly looking for jobs, and loathes talking about himself in the third person… An occasional band member, occasional host, and frequent backstage manager, Chris tried to keep everything on track!


Jane (with the awesome cake) – Jane’s baking is legendary – be sure to try her beetroot brownie! To top it all off, she is an unstoppable quiz machine and routinely thrashes all-comers at the Sunday Assembly Pub Quizzes. Since that also means that she has to set the quizzes half the time, the rest of us get a fighting chance!


Chris (with the long hair) – Chris is a near-compulsive organiser and helps run a series of different groups around Leeds. At SAL he is a part of our house band, the Assembly Line, and contributes to lots of our Assemblies as host and organiser.



Rob (with the singing) – Rob is our resident lead vocalist with the Assembly Line, as well as an avid electric car enthusiast. If you’re very lucky you might be able to hear him play the 80s punk covers on the mandolin!



Kathryn (professional tea-maker) – Tea and cake are central to the Sunday Assembly (indeed, we sometimes consider abandoning everything else we do and just having the tea and cake). Kathryn is our Head of Tea & Cake, and does a fantastic job keeping the crowd fed and watered – the most important role that there is!


Laurence (musical maestro) – Laurence is the multi-instrumentalist (check out his band, the Funk Lockers!) who makes the Assembly Line look much better than they really are, which means he has buckets of talent. He’s also a music teacher, which means he has the patience to work with the rest of us!



Rich (guitar god) – Rich is a tech guru who is also pretty handy with an axe (by which we mean “guitar” – although he may have hidden arboricultural talents, too…). A regular fixture in the Assembly Line band, he also contributes regularly to a range of other events.



David (community hero) – Dave is another of our talented house musicians and a regular in the Assembly Line. He is also an active member of the local community, helping out with local interfaith work, choirs, and language classes.