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January 2018 – The Universe

Dear Sunday Assemblers, a very happy new-ish year to you! We hope your holiday season was everything you hoped for, or even better. Last month we did not host an Assembly due to date issues around Christmas and New Year, and so we’re even keener than usual to come together to enjoy fascinating and inspirational talks, sing rousing songs, meet new people and old friends alike, and socialise with hot drinks and lovely cake!

Well, every Assembly needs a theme, and we’re playing cautious this month and going with THE UNIVERSE! So no biggie then…just the most mysterious and mind-blowing subject in, er, the universe. We’ll be having a presentation on Stargazing in Winter, and we’ll hear other musings and readings about our big home. We like to be interactive and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and chip in your thoughts. Whether all questions of a cosmological nature will be answered, we certainly aren’t promising! But what is guaranteed is a shared experience of wonder at the staggering size, complexity and variety we can find by simply observing as far into our universe as it’s possible to do. Fortunately, that is quite far…

So we’d love to welcome you on 28th January at the New Headingley Club, details given. Please come anytime from 10.30am for tea, coffee and banter, to be ready for an 11.00 start. Please bring an open mind, a dose of curiosity, a keenness to share your thoughts, a hearty singing voice, and a friend! Telescope optional 🙂

January 2017: Slow

January 2017’s Assembly will be hosted by Laurence on the theme of “Slow”.

slow 01

There is a growing “Go Slow” social movement dedicated to shifting the balance of our lives towards slowing down a little, taking a bit more time to focus on what we’re doing, to avoid rushing through all our activities at such a hectic pace that we can’t appreciate the fine details.

Does this mean we’re now all supposed to start doing everything at snail’s pace? Of course not! “Fast” has its place – we can all experience the excitement and thrill of a busy pace of life when appropriate. Speed is a fantastic aspect of human experience. Nobody would be all that keen to watch an Olympic event called “The 200m mindful observation stroll”. You wouldn’t buy a car that only took you up to 15mph just to make you really take in your surroundings… It’s all about that key word, BALANCE. The “Go Slow” movement is all about reconsidering how we manage our time, how we can actually achieve and enjoy more by doing less, and how to strengthen our relationships through giving people our genuine time and attention at a pace that allows everyone to grow together.

So, please join us on Sunday 29th January 2017 for another fun-packed event with great songs, great talks, great company and the ever-present great cake! We look forward to welcoming you!

Sunday 29th January 2017
The New Headingley Club (in the back function room)
56 St Michael’s Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3BG

Doors open at 10.30am for socialising and drinks, and the Assembly starts at 11.00am.


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The following Sunday Assembly will be on Sunday 26th February.

August 2016: Help!

word-895557_1920This month’s Assembly was hosted by Chris (with the beard) and featured a low-key musical accompaniment from Rob, Chris (with the long hair) and Dave. We sang Lean on Me by Bill Withers, When I’m Sixty-Four by the Beatles, With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles, and Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations (which someone remarked seems to feature almost every month, but that wasn’t a criticism!). Dave was doing their best and talked about all the volunteering work that he has been doing around Leeds: helping with Spanish language lessons, interfaith community activities, and chaperoning a local children’s choir. The star of the show was Sarah, from Dementia Friendly Leeds, who told us all about how we can do more (as a city and as individuals) to help those who are suffering from Dementia. She also showed an eye-opening video from the perspective of someone suffering from dementia to illustrate some of the difficulties that sufferers face, and some of the ways in which we can help. Continue reading