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November 2016: Hygge

Welcome to the blog for this month’s Sunday Assembly Leeds (SAL)! I’m Laurence and I’m one of the organisers of SAL.


We are very happy to be creating this month’s event and hope to see you on Sunday 27th November. As usual, the Assembly will be held at the New Headingley Club, 56 St Michael’s Rd, Leeds LS6 3BG. Free onsite parking is available and Headingley is well served by various bus routes. Take the path on the left side of the building and we’re in the function room at the back. We welcome you to join us from 10.30am for tea, coffee, and to mingle with people in a friendly atmosphere – a chance to catch up with people you have already met, or have yet to meet if you are a very welcome first-timer. The Assembly itself begins at 11.00am. We’ll have the usual mixture of interesting, thought-provoking talks and great songs, all along this month’s theme which is: “Hygge: The Art of Living Danishly”. Danish people are reportedly among the happiest in the world. This concept of “Hygge” doesn’t have a direct translation in our language, however, I believe it equates to “Cosiness, warmth, a happy situation wherever possible for the sake of it”. Well, something like that. Feel free to look it up!

Everyone is invited to join in with the singing – some songs are led by our live band, The Assembly Line (see what we did there…?) and some are done as karaoke-style tracks with lyrics projected onto the screen at the front or printed on the running-order sheets.

Each Assembly has a host, who generally runs the event and delivers his/her own thoughts on the theme in the Host’s Address towards the end. Our very own Jane Skudder takes on the role this month, and the host is always assisted by an organising team of other speakers, caterers and unseen but vital behind-the-scenes helpers. Absolutely anyone can be part of the organisers’ team – we would love to welcome your involvement! Just speak to any member of the team and we’ll let you know how you can become part of Sunday Assembly Leeds.

The Assembly lasts about 75 minutes on average, but then it’s not all over – by this time, folks are getting a tad thirsty/peckish and so more tea and coffee and delicious home-made cakes are served up! This is another chance to socialise and meet new people – every month we receive kind comments about how friendly Sunday Assembly Leeds is and it’s all down to everyone’s willingness to get to know each other.

There are several other events organised around the Sunday Assembly hub – each month there is a pub quiz, sometimes a walk/hike, and sometimes there are charitable or voluntary activities. Details of these are given out in each Assembly and are also available on our social media platforms.

Please come along on Sunday 27th and be part of a great event and a growing social movement that’s catching on all over the world!

August 2016: Help!

word-895557_1920This month’s Assembly was hosted by Chris (with the beard) and featured a low-key musical accompaniment from Rob, Chris (with the long hair) and Dave. We sang Lean on Me by Bill Withers, When I’m Sixty-Four by the Beatles, With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles, and Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations (which someone remarked seems to feature almost every month, but that wasn’t a criticism!). Dave was doing their best and talked about all the volunteering work that he has been doing around Leeds: helping with Spanish language lessons, interfaith community activities, and chaperoning a local children’s choir. The star of the show was Sarah, from Dementia Friendly Leeds, who told us all about how we can do more (as a city and as individuals) to help those who are suffering from Dementia. She also showed an eye-opening video from the perspective of someone suffering from dementia to illustrate some of the difficulties that sufferers face, and some of the ways in which we can help. Continue reading